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Hello and welcome

Thank you for checking out the web page. The book is due to be released within the next two weeks and will be available on

The idea to write a book and share my experiences has been a long time in the making. When you work within the human services arena, you become intimately involved with people on a level not usually shared by most people. If you don't engage in the work then it is very difficult to explain and understand. Usually, only other human services professionals understand the depths of the experiences.

Writing down my lessons learned and experiences with people was done to share what I have learned in 30 years of practice and help others who do this work.

On a broader reach, I thought I would pay tribute to those I have met by sharing some of their stories and our relationship as a learning tool to help others understand how difficult some people's lives are and even through the difficulty, they've managed to catch the moon and carry on.

I welcome you to send me an email and share your thoughts and ideas.


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