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Book review

Thank you, Cynthia McCall, LCSW for the lovely book review!

Dear Lisa:

I finished reading your book last night and it is terrific. I loved the way you interspersed pieces of your life with those of foster children. It is the first book I’ve read about the therapeutic relationship and how it really works that makes sense in laymen’s language. Your use of humor was great. I think it should be “required reading” for anyone dealing with foster children but also any services designed to help our underserved minorities like the homeless, mentally ill etc. It clearly explains how early trauma and less than optimal parenting have lasting effects. I liked your somewhat “optimistic” outlook but clearly conveying the hard work it entails from all parties (therapist, foster parents, teachers, friends etc.) to make that meaningful corrective connection to another human being. You have such a humane approach to the “human condition.” I loved the way you incorporated your own learning and vulnerabilities. Your book should be on everyone’s best seller list. I plan to share your book with all of my family and I recommend it highly.

Talk to you soon,

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